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October 2021

We moved it forward....

Live Online course, end of October
With Kane Shieh & team (Marie, Peter & Bo)

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Awakened Investing - Clearing your abundance blocks

Join the investing club and start pulling steady, reliable "paychecks" from the markets every week for truly passive, freeing income. All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection!



November 2021

10-14 Villa Ekenäs , Otterbäcken


Live! Die & be reborn

A new start of the medicine wheel!
A new time/ templet on earth is anchored!
A new possibility to start your next expansion on re-membering yourself,
connecting to your own light and live from a place of peace & abundance.

Come Join me and my team on this wonderful experience of exploring how to make this new time work for you in your everyday life.  Step into the first part of a 5 step journey to a conscious life.

East - Your  infinite self, with infinite opportunities.
Let´s have some fun and open up for a new life.

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December 2021

18-22 Husbygård, Bettna

7 planet

Seven planet alignment

Do you want to be less affected of what is going on from an astrological point of view?
If you´re anything like me, you would like to choose your reality no matter what is going on around you. Come and create a relationship with our 7 closest neighbours in space. 
7 Planets that are influencing us due to their rhythm of being closer or further away from earth. Learn to know them, integrate their characteristics and start dancing a beautiful dance together.


March 2022

16-20 Villa Ekenäs , Otterbäcken

The voice of the heart

June 2022

17-21 Husbygård, Bettna

Marie & Stina

RΔ- Healing

A healing that bring forth a complex, highly specialized network that organises, explains and direct interactions between you and the world around you. That is focusing on the Sensory input, the processing of information and motor output, to finetune it so you can rest, listen and take sacred action. To go from Human doing to Human being.A healing downloaded,experienced, digested and put into form in the co-creation of living a life together by Marie J Ytterman & Stina J Ytterman

September 2022

14-18 Villa Ekenäs , Otterbäcken

The Seer

December 2022

18-22 Villa Ekenäs , Otterbäcken

Soulfully You

March 2023

15-19 Villa Ekenäs , Otterbäcken

Walk your talk

A 5 step journey to a conscious life.

Read More about the courses of WPG under the headline - Work with me/Walking the path of gratitude