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September 2022

14-18 Villa Ekenäs , Otterbäcken

Walking the path of gratitude

The Seer

Intuition - Your greatest asset!
As we walk here in the middle world most of what we are fed with is how to avoid....
What would it be like to learn how to choose LIFE, to open up your awareness to the magic & wonders that are all around us, to embrace the fears and learn how to walk through death (letting go) and FULLY LIVE your preferred reality.
Welcome to join me and my team as we explore & dive deeper into how we can place ourselves in the driver´s seat  and choose our own reality.


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December 2022

18-22 Villa Ekenäs , Otterbäcken

Soulfully You

March 2023

15-19 Villa Ekenäs , Otterbäcken

Walk your talk

A 5 step journey to a conscious life.

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